Storytelling for Impact: Helping the UN in Kyrgyzstan Share Their Impact

Posted by Ashley Elmblad, Director of Programs at ReWork on 10/17/14 12:21 AM

So much time is spent on creating an impact, that we often forget how important it is to share that impact in a compelling way.

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How to Keep Your Best Employees Happy

Posted by Nathaniel Koloc on 7/17/14 6:28 PM

As the CEO of a recruiting company, I’ll be the first to admit to being guilty of this trap. 

When you’re responsible for the growth of your team, it’s easy to become overly concerned with what’s new: new roles you’re planning for, new candidates that are waiting to be reviewed, or new hires you’ve made that you need to onboard and support.

Of course, these things are all critically important – but once in a while, we need to stop and remember why we’re able to even think about new hires in the first place: our core team members who are keeping the rest of the organization afloat. 

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Topics: Managing Your Team

4 Steps to Get Recruiting Under Control

Posted by Shane Rasnak on 7/17/14 1:14 PM

For most hiring managers–whether that’s your official title or not – recruiting is a hectic undertaking. 

It involves a lot of procrastination and false starts, with disorganized to-do lists and long internal debates that never seem to answer the question of what to do next.

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Topics: Hiring, Finding Candidates

Should You Hire a Specialist or a Generalist?

Posted by Shane Rasnak on 7/10/14 10:23 PM

A key distinction to make when you are scoping a role is whether you need someone who has deep expertise with a certain subject or skill, or a versatile utility player that can juggle a mix of work streams.

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Why Creating a Great Candidate Experience Matters

Posted by Nathaniel Koloc on 7/3/14 2:28 PM

Let’s face it – looking for a job is almost universally a lousy experience. 

As an active job seeker, the process is a nightmare: you spend countless hours searching for the right opportunity, put in lots of work to represent yourself in the best ways you know how (getting introductions, writing cover letters, customizing your resume, writing essays, etc.), wait week after week for a response, and don’t even hear back from most opportunities… let alone get useful feedback on what you could do to improve.

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